Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Letter To the Editor

I have not written about a "Letter to the Editor" in a long time. But as I looked through AM New York this morning, one caught my eye and I had to share it. Let me start by noting that I smashed my thumb this morning and have been in pain ever since. This letter dulled the pain, because I realized that being crazy is much worse than having a sore thumb.

I wondered if Herb had ever submitted a letter before, so I did a quick Yahoo! search for "Herb Stark" in Massapequa and found that he's a prolific letter writer, world wide. He has taken on the comic strip Cathy (NY Daily News), victims of a hate crime (NY Daily News), a former governor (NY Post), pampered baseball players (Washington Times) , Michael Jackson and Iraq (SFGate - San Francisco) , Ray Charles (Post Gazette - Pittsburg), US Steel (The Detroit News), Supports Bush, bashes the UN (The Seattle Times), Supports Kerry/Edwards (SFGate), Thanksgiving (Dallas News), Saddam (Detroit News), Hillary (USA Today), and more Iraq (SMH - Australia)