Friday, August 26, 2005

In The News

Long Island Dad thinks he has a 13-year old internet girlfriend. Wants to meet her for kinky sex, settles for handcuffs and the FBI instead. Oh, he's also in trouble for looting $1 million from banks in a mortgage loan scheme.
Lawyer BS Alert: "He's maintained his innocence since day one,"

In a sure sign of the end of the world: Green Day was awarded "Best Band on Planet".

Bronx men takes turns firing a .357 magnum at each other (ala Russian Roulette), one gets a free lobotomy. Cops at the scene stated, "He said it was an accident".

Good: Saving campaign cash by getting free rides to events
Bad: Getting caught using city-funded cars and drivers

Pet alligator getting lucky in Kentucky

Only in Tennessee: Food fight sparks road rage.