Monday, August 08, 2005

Go-Go Fundraiser Response

I wrote this post about the NY City Council candidate, Victor Bernace, who decided the best way to raise money, is not to hold a political Q&A, but to use a little T&A instead.

Mr. Bernace, the media, and everyone else fail to see the irony in this story. There are already plenty of boobs already in the NY City Council. In fact, you can probably call this "on-the-job training" for our pal, Victor.

Well Victor found my post and sent me the email below. As you can see, even his potential Republican opponent has bought a ticket to the show. Mr. Bernace has guts and a sense of humor, something lacking in many politicians. So if you live in District 7 (Washington Heights) area, vote for Victor Bernace in the upcoming Democratic primary!

Dear Gopandthecity blogger:
Thanks for the coverage. I was impressed by your site.

This afternoon, I sold a ticket to the event to Michael Petelka, my Republican opponent in the General Election in November, who I would face if I beat the democratic incumbent in the primary. Proof some NY Republicans are fun and cool.

Please encourage your readers to go to to buytickets--- I've got the erotic dancer castings under control but weneed contributors, lol.

Be Seeing You,
Victor Armando Bernace