Thursday, July 14, 2005

Worst Photoshop, Ever

I wrote about embattled Democratic candidate C. Virginia Fields and her photoshopped flier here. Today, the NY Times posted the flier which has caused so much uproar.

Someone was ordered to photoshop an Asian couple over the heads of a white couple. If you look at the Asian couple, the man's head is not looking in the right direction and both of them have their eyes closed. Looking for a scapegoat, Fields fired her chief political consultant and claimed that he released the changes without her knowledge. The consultant, Joseph C. Mercurio, has now published 5 emails which show that Ms. Fields was included on emails about the changes.

On a side note, Virginia's email address is has the before and after shots. They also note that the company that was fired by Fields still owns the domain for the campaign website.

Michelle Malkin takes on photoshoppers

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