Monday, July 18, 2005

Point - Counterpoint

DNC Raises Record Amount of Money for First Half of Year; Dean Brings in Over $1 Million Each Week Since Becoming Chairman
"$28.5 million from 600,000 donations is a strong, solid beginning...This proves that Americans want to get Democrats elected in every state and territory, in every city, in every precinct, at every level of government. People are eager to get our country back on track and they know they can trust Democrats to do just that." - Howard Dean

RNC Raised $59.4M in First Half of Year; Dean helps bring in over $2.3 Million Each Week Since Becoming Chairman
The RNC received $59.4 million in contributions, which is a record for fundraising in a non-presidential election year. The Republicans had more than $34 million cash on hand at the end of June after raising more than $6.5 million last month. The RNC averaged 9,247 donations a day.

Here's a handy graph that shows the breakdown for the first half of 2005.