Thursday, July 21, 2005

NYPD To Search Bags on Subways

Mayor Bloomberg just announced the NYPD will commence random bag searches in the NY Subway system following the attacks on London's mass transit system.

The plan will have searches occur before the passengers enter through the turnstiles. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly promised there will be no racial profiling. He also stated that passengers will have the option to refuse to consent to a search, but they will also have to leave the subway station. Kelly must be hoping that terrorists are really, really dumb and consent to a search instead of leaving to go to another station or even another entrance to the same station. A terrorist will have the choice to just leave or get caught, as those Guinness commercials say "brilliant".

Searches begin this afternoon and may soon expand to the bus and train systems. Anyone who has been in our subways know this will be a huge task requiring patience on both riders and police. With the latest heat wave, subway riders have seen temperatures inside the stations going up to 102° and there will be some major frustration from missing a train for a random bag search, but this is a measure that should have been in place after our 9/11 (minus letting people refuse a search). It is about time that something is being done to protect our rails no matter how half-assed the plan is.

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