Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Moresubwaysearches dot org

The fellows who launched quoted Ben Franklin on their front page (see below). A GoogleNews search resulted in 4 stories on the site, which only launched on Monday.

I would like to trot out another Ben Franklin quote which can also be used in this case.

The loony left has chosen to fight the random subway searches with websites, t-shirts, and Union Square protests. By the way, who has been to Union Square when there has not been a protest going on? The media is quick to write stories about their fight. But what do average New Yorkers think of the searches?

The NYCLU reports a mere 25 complaints about the searches. An average of 4,500,000 people ride the NYC subways each day and only 25 have complained over a week of searches? Counting today, that's nearly 18,000,000 passengers with only 25 complaints on their website, which means that 0.00014% of riders have complained about the searches and 99.99986% have not complained, truly alarming. In that same time, 0% of trains have blown up, stop the presses, there's your story.

Other News
Subway Security Searches Drive Down Crime (1010Wins) - Crime is down 23% since the searches went in place.
Subway Bag 'Volunteers Present Cops With Puzzle (NY Post) - People are opening their bags to police without being asked to. So much for people having their "rights" violated.
N.Y., N.J. Commuters OK With Bag Searches (USA Today) - 53% of riders think they are not doing enough for transit security.