Friday, July 15, 2005

Gifford's Mail Review

Democratic mayoral back-runner, Gifford Miller used his position on the city council to send out a mailing which was basically campaign literature. This was paid for by tax payer's money and created a political backlash. Miller's staffers initially claimed that the flyers cost NYC taxpayers only $37,000 and that only around 100,000 were mailed out. Miller aides claimed the flyers were constituent mailings related to the budget process.

It turns out that Miller's staffers must be former accountants for the government because in reality the mailings cost taxpayers $1.5 million, which comes to $1,470,000 more than they claimed (3,954% more). Also, the quantity of the mailing was 5.5 million pieces, which comes to 5,400,000 more than they initially claimed (5,400% more).

Miller's spokesperson said there was a "miscommunication" and his staffers were wrong for putting out the original numbers. In the end, nothing will be done. Virginia "photoshop" Fields has already complained to the Campaign Finance Board to no avail. With candidates like these, Mayor Bloomberg can rest easy this election cycle, maybe even find time to answer his home phone.

(Source - NY Daily News)