Friday, July 29, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

Caption Bush Part II
1) Caption or Photoshop this scene
2) Email me photoshops, post captions below
3) Top entries will be posted Monday (8/1)

Source - Yahoo News

Winner - "Aww man, that zombie was right. He would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!" - Buckley F. Williams

Runner-up -
"Aw, crap, the twins are on 'COPS' again." - V theK
Photoshop Entries
With Karl Rove and Dick Cheney busy running the country, President Bush always seems to find time for his daily SpongeBob SquarePants briefing.
- The Man

Hillary said this San Andreas mod would corrupt America's kids. I better make sure none of them are allowed into my game room.
-Slant Point

-The Man

- Sobek

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

24: Tony's Back

The limping junkie returns for the next season of 24! That's right, Tony Almeida will be back to take orders from Jack and to make out/fight with Michelle. His other role is to get into trouble and let Jack bail him out at the last second.

In June, I reported on an Indian version of 24 called Time Bomb. The producers of that 24 rip-off claimed they did not steal their show from Fox. Well look at last week's episode guide and tell me with a straight face they didn't pirate a 24 plot. All that is missing is a random backup agent getting shot, an Allstate commercial, and "Varun" (aka Jack) yelling into a cell phone.

Usmaan checks out the villa…he notices one guy escaping and shoots him… There is a scuffle between Sejpal and the man masquerading as Roma’s uncle, Kishorilal. Roma gets to know that Sejpal is not the right kind of a person and asks him to leave. Varun tells his boss Biswas that there is a mole within ACT.

Mark your calendar kids, the real 24 returns in January.

Helen Thomas: Not Dead

Drudge is reporting that Helen Thomas vowed to "kill herself" if Vice President Dick Cheney decides to run for President. This is news because I thought Thomas was already dead.

Update: Nickie Goomba notes Cheney's jump in the polls since Helen Thomas made her announcement and Betsy notes that Helen is just an angry because her claim was published.

OTB notes the Poliblog just passed good taste and went sraight to foul with this:

If Helen is trying to dissuade Cheney, wouldn’t the more efficacious threat be that she would appear nude if Cheney ran for President?, I am going to be sick.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NYC Pol Moves To Block Military Recruiters

Former Black Panther member turned NY Councilman Charles Barron (D) wants to block the military recruiters from High Schools across the city. Barron claims the military "preys" on young minorities who are enticed to join because of the benefits. A Marine recruiter stated they only talk to people that are interested in serving, not targeting specific groups.

"We don't want the military in our communities, taking advantage and preying on our young people...It's not that they are patriotic, many of us don't even where Iraq is on the map, it's just that it's an economic opportunity because all of the other opportunities are closed out." - Charles Barron (D)
So there are already limited opportunities for some of the kids; now he wants to take one away? Charles Barron is nothing more than a cop-hater and now he shows his military-hating side.

Update: Notice on his bio: " need of a vehicle to express his desire for justice, Barron joined the Harlem branch of the Black Panther Party". Makes you wish Robert Byrd was on the NY City Council to see how they spin his time in the klan.

NY City Council Breakdown: 47 Democrats, 3 Republicans, and 1 Working Families

Charles Barron (D)
District Office Address:
718 Pennsylvania Blvd.
Brooklyn, New York, 11207
District Office Phone No.: (718) 649-9495/9496
Fax Phone No.: (718) 649-3111

Manhattan Office Address:
250 Broadway, 18th Floor
New York, 10007
Manhattan Office Phone No.: (212) 788-6957


Top 10 Uses For the UN Building

The Onion published the perfect solution for NYC's UN problem. I have a few more suggestions for the site.
Top 10 Uses For the UN Building
10. Additional nesting space for Pale Male's bitches
9. Yet another Starbucks in the area
8. NYC's first Wal-mart Supercenter
7. Anything other than the UN
6. The new Iraqi embassy
5. World's largest bodega
4. More overpriced apartment studios
3. Headquarters for the 2012, 2016 Olympic bid committee.
2. New York City's GOP Headquarters (probably only needs a few hundred square feet)

and the #1 use for the UN building
1. An East Side Football Stadium

If you have anything you would like to see on the site, add it to the comments section.

(linked on OTB)

Moresubwaysearches dot org

The fellows who launched quoted Ben Franklin on their front page (see below). A GoogleNews search resulted in 4 stories on the site, which only launched on Monday.

I would like to trot out another Ben Franklin quote which can also be used in this case.

The loony left has chosen to fight the random subway searches with websites, t-shirts, and Union Square protests. By the way, who has been to Union Square when there has not been a protest going on? The media is quick to write stories about their fight. But what do average New Yorkers think of the searches?

The NYCLU reports a mere 25 complaints about the searches. An average of 4,500,000 people ride the NYC subways each day and only 25 have complained over a week of searches? Counting today, that's nearly 18,000,000 passengers with only 25 complaints on their website, which means that 0.00014% of riders have complained about the searches and 99.99986% have not complained, truly alarming. In that same time, 0% of trains have blown up, stop the presses, there's your story.

Other News
Subway Security Searches Drive Down Crime (1010Wins) - Crime is down 23% since the searches went in place.
Subway Bag 'Volunteers Present Cops With Puzzle (NY Post) - People are opening their bags to police without being asked to. So much for people having their "rights" violated.
N.Y., N.J. Commuters OK With Bag Searches (USA Today) - 53% of riders think they are not doing enough for transit security.

Strange Headline

I know it is not a funny story, but the headline is pretty amusing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Chelsea Clinton-Chepkurgor

A Kenyan government official has offered 40 goats and 20 cows in exchange for Chelsea Clinton's hand in marriage. The proposal was submitted to Bill Clinton by love struck Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor, through Kenya's Foreign Minister.

I wrote to Bill Clinton for a 9th grade assignment, in the letter I asked him to say "hello" to Chelsea for me. All I had to woo Chelsea were my words; I did not have access to the goats or cows like Mr. Chepkurgor.

Update: We are still waiting to hear if the parties will agree on Bill's counter offer to send 50 goats and Hillary to Mr. Chepkurgor in exchange for Chelsea's hand in marriage.
(Source - Sky News)

(linked on OTB)

PETA Gets Slammed

The PETA "Death Van" episode and reports that the animal rights group has a history of killing animals in their care, has taken a huge chunk of credibility out of this loony organization.

A new ad campaign in the magazine Weekly Variety lists the names of 50 celebrities who are on the honorary committee for PETAs 25th anniversary celebration. Some names on the list include Pam Anderson, G. Gordon Liddy, Al Sharpton, and Moby. The ad suggests the celebrities should fire their publicist, adding the celebrities might not know what they are supporting. The group behind the ad is the Foundation for Biomedical Research.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Wall Street Journal's Bias Exposed

I know the Wall Street Journal tends to tilt conservative, but you would think one of their stipple-artists would keep their slant to themselves. Afterall, Mr. Kerry served in Vietnam.

*this is a joke

Kucinich Gear

Check out one of the many cool items for sale at the Kucinich website.

Kucinich for President Retrospective Compilation DVD
A look back at the Kucinich for President campaign, from the 2002 speech that started it all to Dennis's speech to the national convention. Includes the retrospective video; the full Prayer for America speech from February 2002; the full Democratic National Convention speech; video from Global Days of Action 1 and 2; the Department of Peace; I Stand With Dennis; the Adopt-an-Intern promo; and more.

Adopt-an-Intern? I believe a former president had a similar program.

Consent Wear

A CafePress product search for "I do not consent" yields 98 items with that message. I have yet to see these products on the streets, but the press has been posting pictures about the "no consent" shirts like they the next major statement of our time (Bush is Hitler is so 2004).

It's about time that we produce a t-shirt of our own with a statement based in reality. New Yorkers, who do not mind a quick search to help deter any potential terrorists or liberals from entering our mass transit system, need a rallying cry.

Here is the design. Let me know what you think!

Click Here to buy one

Update: Now with proper English (hat tip - RFTR)

Other Links
Malkin notes the Rove-gear on CafePress

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

Winner - "You know, we don't like to refer it as euthanasia; we prefer "321st trimester abortion." - Damian G

Second Place - And this son-of-a-bitch here... - jimmy b

Hat Tip to Urban Elephants, which links to a Newsday site that has 68 pictures of Hillary. Surprisingly enough, they managed to airbrush her horns out of most of the shots. They left a few shots which might be used in future contests (here, here, here, here, here, and here).

(linked on OTB)

London Bombing: Reaction From Left Field

Take a wild guess who some DU'ers think are behind the latest London bombings? It is almost as predictable as the tides.


Karl Rove

Here's one that will make your head hurt. I hope the NYPD search his bag and confiscate whatever he's smoking.

(linked on OTB)

NYPD To Search Bags on Subways

Mayor Bloomberg just announced the NYPD will commence random bag searches in the NY Subway system following the attacks on London's mass transit system.

The plan will have searches occur before the passengers enter through the turnstiles. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly promised there will be no racial profiling. He also stated that passengers will have the option to refuse to consent to a search, but they will also have to leave the subway station. Kelly must be hoping that terrorists are really, really dumb and consent to a search instead of leaving to go to another station or even another entrance to the same station. A terrorist will have the choice to just leave or get caught, as those Guinness commercials say "brilliant".

Searches begin this afternoon and may soon expand to the bus and train systems. Anyone who has been in our subways know this will be a huge task requiring patience on both riders and police. With the latest heat wave, subway riders have seen temperatures inside the stations going up to 102° and there will be some major frustration from missing a train for a random bag search, but this is a measure that should have been in place after our 9/11 (minus letting people refuse a search). It is about time that something is being done to protect our rails no matter how half-assed the plan is.

Other Links
OTB and Dawn Eden note the strange rule that will allow terrorists to leave instead of getting caught

Carnival of Comedy - Week 12

The Carnival of Comedy is up at This Blog Is Full of Crap

It looks like A Letter from Kofi is the theme.

Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo

Whenever my wife and I watch an appearance of President Bush, she knows it gets under my skin when she criticizes him. So she picks up on things he says or the way he says certain words and likes to pick a spirited debate. No, we do not debate on the death penalty or Social Security; we like to argue on his poor grammar and strange looks.

So as usual, we watched his press conference where he announced his pick for the Supreme Court. My wife pointed out that Bush looked like he was about to crack up. I argued that is just the way he delivers speeches. Little did we know that John Jr. was acting out a scene from Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo. That kid is going to never live this one down. But I'm not sure which is worse: the dance, the shoes, or the suit.

Vote Below

What Was John Jr.'s Biggest Mistake
The Shoes
The Dance
The Suit
All The Above

Free polls from

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Alliance Humor Assignment

How can you tell if someone is a terrorist?

In last season's 24, Marwan (a global terrorist) was able to bring havoc to our nation from the comfort of his cubicle as his co-workers milled around. How did HR let that one slip? Jack and his backup were even able to move in with guns drawn, without out anyone noticing. Personally, I would take the rest of the day off if I saw famed terrorist hunter Jack Bauer in my office. For those of you who are not as perceptive, here's a helpful guide.

Top 10 Signs Your Co-worker Is a Terrorist
10. Emails a fatwa on the jammed 3rd floor printer
9. You notice his car has a “Suicide Bomber on Board” bumper sticker
8. The FBI caters your company picnic
7. For no apparent reason, suddenly blows himself up
6. Shows you a picture of their infant
5. Borrows $1 from you and tells you he will pay you back "big time"
4. Always wants you to try his wife's ricin-roni
3. Lets you know he dropped a "dirty bomb" in the men's room
2. HR announces that bulky bomb-belts violate corporate dress code

and the number 1 sign your co-worker is a terorrist:
1. They supported Marwan

Other Links
Basil has a guide to spotting terrorists
DB has a Top 10
TWC has a step-by-step guide
The Babaganoosh has more
There's One, Only! has some handy hints
(linked on OTB)

Kerry Gets No Respect

As the liberal NY freebie paper of the ulta-liberal Newsday, AM New York has its share of fluff pieces about lefties. In a piece about Al GoreTV in today's edition, they called Gore "the 2004 Democratic candidate for president".

Even in a liberal rag, John Kerry gets no respect.

AP, Judge Roberts, and a Thesaurus

Fun With Adjectives!
These conservative adjectives are brought to you by an AP story in today's AM New York on Bush's "right" pick. I fully expect "allegiant, steadfast, and doting conservative" to be used in a future article. The Economist (UK) calls Roberts "a much stauncher conservative" than Edith Clement, who was called a "pragmatic conservative". They describe Roberts as a "faithful conservative", whatever that means.
USA Today: "certified conservative"
Rueters: "solidly conservative"
NY Times: "ardent conservative"
Seattle Times: "confirmable conservative" (try saying that 10 times)
AP: "rock-solid conservative"
UPI: "moderate conservative"
Denver Post: "brainy, fresh conservative"
Daily Bulletin: "quiet conservative"
Tennessean: "low-key conservative"

Yahoo! News Adjective Search
"staunch conservative" yeilded 103 hits
"staunch liberal" only came back with 5 hits.
"strict conservative" 84 hits
"strict liberal" no hits
"solidly conservative": 178 hits
"solidly liberal": 10 hits

Other Links
TNOYF: He's French
Sister notes the MSM reaction
OTB has coverage of Day 1 as does BFB
Myopic Zeal has a roundup
The Editor's Blog wants to sleep on it
Slant Point wants your help
Ace has more as does Wiz
Nashville Truth has his mind made up

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush's Supreme Decision

Justice Rove?
Sources inform me that President Bush will announce tonight that Karl Rove will be his choice to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.

Just kidding...but just imagine the response from the left if it were true. Talk about going nuclear.

Update: I was wrong, it will be Justice Roberts

Captain's Quarters has coverage as does Michelle Malkin

Other Nominations:
Justice Romijn
Justice Hillary
Justice Coulter
Justice Brown

Urban Elephants Is Live

Attention all New York Republicans. It's ok to come out of hiding, the mother ship has landed. Like I wrote in one of my first posts, "A Republican living in New York is alot like a coke addict, about to hit rock bottom. We have to lie and deceive people in order to hide our political ideals." Urban Elephants will be the Betty Ford Clinic for area Republicans, check in and enjoy the view.

Urban Elephants was put together by Slant Point and will be the GOP hub of blogging in New York City.

Gifford's Mail Review: Part 2

Just Like Hollywood, I have nothing new to come up with, so I will follow-up on a previous post.

I wrote about Gifford Miller's use of $1,600,000 in taxpayer dollars to send out 5,500,000 fliers touting his record prior to the current mayoral campaign. His spokesperson was quoted as saying: "But the bottom line remains that these mailings were appropriate to allow Council members and the speaker to communicate our budget priorities."

The NY Post reports that the mailing was cut up into 150 different print jobs, each costing less than $5,000. Why is this important? Because the bulk of the mail jobs went to printing shops who are now doing Miller's campaign pieces. Mailings of less than $5,000 do not require the sender to adhere to the NYC rules of competitive bidding (3-08) (C)(1)(ii) (see below).

The irony of this story is that the spokesperson for Miller claimed the fliers were going to "communicate our budget priorities". As any person in the marketing world can attest, splitting up a 5.5 million piece mailing into 150 different jobs is just plain stupid. That job cost me and millions of other New Yorkers $3.34 per piece, a total rip-off. I am not even sure if the $1.6 million includes postage, if not that price tag goes even higher. Apparently, Miller's "budget priorities" includes wasting taxpayer money to line the pockets of his buddies.

The good news is that Miller is trailing Bloomberg 55 to 30 in the latest poll. Time for another mailing Giff?

Four Nights In Paris: Part 2

It appears the "Four Nights In Paris" contest was too tempting for NY Post cartoonist Sean Delonas to pass up.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Point - Counterpoint

DNC Raises Record Amount of Money for First Half of Year; Dean Brings in Over $1 Million Each Week Since Becoming Chairman
"$28.5 million from 600,000 donations is a strong, solid beginning...This proves that Americans want to get Democrats elected in every state and territory, in every city, in every precinct, at every level of government. People are eager to get our country back on track and they know they can trust Democrats to do just that." - Howard Dean

RNC Raised $59.4M in First Half of Year; Dean helps bring in over $2.3 Million Each Week Since Becoming Chairman
The RNC received $59.4 million in contributions, which is a record for fundraising in a non-presidential election year. The Republicans had more than $34 million cash on hand at the end of June after raising more than $6.5 million last month. The RNC averaged 9,247 donations a day.

Here's a handy graph that shows the breakdown for the first half of 2005.

Deep Thoughts By Chuckie

"Having more than one nomination could have made things harder, or easier," - Chuck Shumer (D-NY)

Four Nights In Paris

Sometimes you have to wonder who puts together the headlines for the NY Post. Four Nights in Paris? It Sounds like something you can download from the net. Click Here to enter the contest.

The Post needs to watch their step, a radio station was sued because a listener thought she won an actual Hummer from the station only to find out they were playing an April Fool's joke, giving away a radio-controlled toy Hummer instead.

Update: I checked the rules, if you win the trip to Paris you do not get to stay in the Paris Hilton.

(linked on OTB)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

What Me Worry? Caption Contest
(Hat Tip - RFTR)

Winner(s) - "You know, my husband always tells me to make every effort to get ahead in life..." - GOP and College
- She misunderstood, that was "some head"(sorry not a caption) - Rodney Dill

Yahoo! Fantasy Football
The Hot Wing Conspiracy
League ID#: 62507
Password: hillary
Click Here to join up today!

Previous Contests
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Caption Bush

Gifford's Mail Review

Democratic mayoral back-runner, Gifford Miller used his position on the city council to send out a mailing which was basically campaign literature. This was paid for by tax payer's money and created a political backlash. Miller's staffers initially claimed that the flyers cost NYC taxpayers only $37,000 and that only around 100,000 were mailed out. Miller aides claimed the flyers were constituent mailings related to the budget process.

It turns out that Miller's staffers must be former accountants for the government because in reality the mailings cost taxpayers $1.5 million, which comes to $1,470,000 more than they claimed (3,954% more). Also, the quantity of the mailing was 5.5 million pieces, which comes to 5,400,000 more than they initially claimed (5,400% more).

Miller's spokesperson said there was a "miscommunication" and his staffers were wrong for putting out the original numbers. In the end, nothing will be done. Virginia "photoshop" Fields has already complained to the Campaign Finance Board to no avail. With candidates like these, Mayor Bloomberg can rest easy this election cycle, maybe even find time to answer his home phone.

(Source - NY Daily News)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Bastille Day

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day
10. Don't take a bath
9. Throw those arms in the air, wave a white flag like you just don't care
8. Order an extra side of Freedom Fries with your Freedom Toast
7. Yell out "Zut Alors!" sporadically during the day
6. Make sure to donate $50 to so he stops emailing me
5. Work only 35 hours this week
4. Eat cheese, surrender, and repeat if necessary
3. Curse Lance Armstrong, accuse him of doping
2. Dust off the old guillotine

And the #1 way to celebrate Bastille Day:
1. Read the "Great French Military Victories of the 20th Century" pamphlet

Do you have others to add? Post them in the comments below.

(linked on OTB)

Worst Photoshop, Ever

I wrote about embattled Democratic candidate C. Virginia Fields and her photoshopped flier here. Today, the NY Times posted the flier which has caused so much uproar.

Someone was ordered to photoshop an Asian couple over the heads of a white couple. If you look at the Asian couple, the man's head is not looking in the right direction and both of them have their eyes closed. Looking for a scapegoat, Fields fired her chief political consultant and claimed that he released the changes without her knowledge. The consultant, Joseph C. Mercurio, has now published 5 emails which show that Ms. Fields was included on emails about the changes.

On a side note, Virginia's email address is has the before and after shots. They also note that the company that was fired by Fields still owns the domain for the campaign website.

Michelle Malkin takes on photoshoppers

Click on image for a larger view

Midtown Bomb Threat

There was a bomb threat on 41st and 3rd this morning, guess where I decided to take a stroll?

It drives my wife crazy when my rubber-neck instincts kick in. Last summer the Citigroup building was turned into Ft. Knox, complete with dudes with machine guns. My wife told me to stay away, but she knew where I was heading on my lunch break. After the bombing at the British Consulate in NYC, she took one look at me and said "don't you dare".

Sorry honey...this morning I saw yellow police caution tape, I had to check it out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NYC StreetWars

Ever want to assassinate fellow New Yorkers for cash? Now you can in the NYC StreetWars which starts July 25. Buy a watergun and sign up your team to play by July 12th.

At the start of the game you'll receive an envelope containing:
-A picture of your intended target(s)
-The home address of your intended target(s)
-The work address of your intended target(s)
-The name of your intended target(s)
-Contact information of your intended target(s)
Once you kill your target, take their envelope and move on to your next victim, collecting envelopes as the bodies pile up. The game ends when you and your team are the last ones left.

Dean and Me

Howard Dean and The Man have been working on a project together.

Click Here to see what's up.

Hill-arious: Part 2

On Hillary comparing Bush to Alfred E. Neuman:
Reader Comment: "As opposed to six years ago, when Ron Jeremy was in charge???" - Shawn

From today's NY Post cartoonist Sean Delonas:

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tin Hat Tuesday

Bush Tony Blair Ordered 9/11 Brit Bombing: Jews Involved

From the Google News source that brought us an Army Minivan planned for Iraq and W is gay, now states that Tony Blair ordered the 7/7 Brit Bombing. Recycling much of the 9/11 conspiracy, they also claim that Israel called Tony Blair days before the attacks.

According to Conspiracy Planet, a man named "Mad Dog" planted one of the bombs. Doesn't he have a TNN show about being a Bounty Hunter? Another bomb was planted by "J-boy". Apparently bad guys cannot come up with cool nicknames like "Dr. Death" or "Sir Kill-a-Lot". Where do they get this crap?

C. Virginia Fields Photoshop Contest

Democratic mayoral hopeful C. Virginia Fields was caught using a doctored photo in a piece of campaign literature last week. She had her own photoshop contest and added in an Asian couple over the bodies of a white couple. This week she has offended the Irish by using the term "paddy wagon" in an interview, which is offensive to some Irish-Americans. The NY Post also reports that Fields latest campaign fliers were only Xeroxed copies, a sign that the candidate is running low on funds.

The Mission: To help out Virginia with her image.
The Contest: Photoshop Virginia,
email me the entries
Virginia Fields links here, here, here, and see what happens when you do not register your name fast enough here

I have obtained a copy of a Fields campaign photo showing her reaching out to the youth.

The Joys of Flight

As I mentioned, I just flew back from my honeymoon...and boy are my arms tired. (pause, wait for laughs). While I was flying, I finished the book 1776 (loved it), and searched for something else to occupy the time. As I have done since my first flight when I was around five years old, I flipped through the always entertaining SkyMall catalog.

In these times of terror, everyone wants to know why the evil terrorists hate us. Well the answer is right there, next to the barf bag and the emergency procedure pamphlet. SkyMall is the reason the world hates Americans and it should be removed from flights. It is a cheaper option than anti-missile defense and Air Marshals.

As the G8 leaders were meeting in Scotland to discuss the problem of poverty and debt in Africa, I was asking myself what color shoes would my dog like or if I needed an automatic watch winder. If a terrorist got a copy of this, there's no stopping him or her from using it against us as a propaganda showing the capitalist Americans are more interested in spending money on Harry Potter wands instead of using it for good.

Sure there will be some job losses because of the removal of the SkyMall from all flights. But, the military is having a hard time recruiting, they can hire the former copywriters from the SkyMall catalog. If someone can convince me that I need a hotdog cooker that also warms the buns (it comes in either white, silver, red, or black), they could probably get a high school kid to enlist in the military.

Monday, July 11, 2005


"I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," - Hillary Clinton

Well at least she did not compare him to a Nazi.

Update: AM NY has a poll asking if Hillary went too far in her "Bush is Neuman" joke. Click here to vote. As of 9am, 64.9% think she did not go too far. As of 11:30am, 56% say she went to far.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Honeymooners

Hola! Mexico was great, even though our honeymoon was smushed between a large tropical storm and the approach of Hurricane Dennis. We stayed an hour south of Cancun, which translated into ancient Mayan means "Land of Many Time Shares".

As the weather started to deteriorate, the staff at the resort were as helpful as one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest when it came to weather updates, each would give us a different weather outlook in broken English. If I had the slightest ability to understood Spanish, I bet I'd have caught them each saying under their breath, "¿Qué es mi nombre? ¿Sam Champion?"

More to come, but here are some shots of Hurricane Dennis as it passed by. This is looking out towards Cozumel and Cuba. Click each image for a larger view.