Friday, June 03, 2005


Headline of the day : WMD equipment missing from 109 sites: UN

The UN is claiming that missing WMD equipment in Iraq is now missing, from 109 sites no less. This is the same UN who claimed Saddam had no WMD equipment in Iraq before we invaded the country.

The WMD issue will most likely never go away, as it provides liberals an issue to fall back on as their other asinine arguments fall into the waste bin of political irrelevancy. So if Saddam's WMDs (which the UN now claim are now missing) ever do show up, the liberals will be the first to claim that Bush&co planted them. Karl Rove himself would be placed at the scene by the tin-hat squads on the left who think Rove is behind every little plot on the face of the Earth.

Don't be surprised if, within the next year or so, a fresh, new discovery hits the world's media outlets. A well-hidden, undetectable, long-suspected, and cleverly disguised WMD facility in the ladies lounge of the third palace of the second wife of the suspected, illegitimate son of Saddam Hussein...This discovery may well occur when impeachment talk for George W. Bush becomes too loud to ignore. - MMN
Let me get this straight. Karl Rove thinks the best time to find/plant these WMDs was not when Bush's reelection was looking uncertain, but late in his second term when impeachment talk starts?

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