Thursday, June 09, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

A Piece of Pachyderm Caption Contest
1) Caption this scene by posting a comment or emailing me
2) Email me photoshop entries
3) Top entries will be posted on Monday 6/13

Winner - - Rodney Dill

- Bill: "As a matter of fact, New York is a BLEW state." - Shawn

Honorable Mention
- CLINTON: "Hey, you'd better be careful; I'm not good with blue ladies' clothing..." - Damian
-I heard that Monica Lewinsky started voting Republican. She said the Democrats
left a bad taste in her mouth. -
Glen Dean

Photoshop entries

(click to enlarge)
- The Man
- Rodney Dill
- Rodney Dill
- Rodney Dill
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