Monday, June 27, 2005

Ronald Reagan: Greatest American

America has spoken (3 votes at a time) and named Ronald Reagan the Greatest American in the show put on by The Discovery Channel. The show listed the Top 100 and worked down from there, sadly Michael Moore did not make the top 25.

Top 10 Greatest Americans
1. Ronald Reagan
2. Abe Lincoln
3. Martin Luther King Jr.
4. George Washington
5. Ben Franklin
6. George W. Bush
7. Bill Clinton
8. Elvis
9. Oprah Winfrey
10. FDR

Some notables that not make the Top 25, but should have: Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Dwight Eisenhower, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington Carver, and Patton. Are there any you think should have made the Top 100? Top 25?