Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Roll Over Hillary

"I stay awake at night thinking about all the mistakes and the wrong direction and all the bad decisions being made in Washington" - HillaryClinton

Madam Hillary continued pulling in large amounts of cash for her "reelection" bid for the Senate, while moving right to prepare for the 2008 presidential election. So far, she pulled in $4 million over the first quarter of 2005 and has a total of $8.7 million in her war chest for the campaign.

Hillary told supporters at a fund raiser that America cannot give in to the Republican agenda. Tom Daschle had no comment when asked about how voters in 2004 felt about the Republican agenda and what democrats should do about it.

Top 10 other things that keeps Hillary Clinton up at night:
10. Counting illegal donations instead of sheep
9. Thoughts of having to pardon both Bill and herself
8. Her lesbian lover
7. Razor-sharp claws keep digging into her palms
6. The thought of Bill in a places called Bangkok and Phuket
5. Practicing State of the Union speech
4. Prayer
3. Keeps rolling over to the right side of the bed
2. The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

and the #1 thing that keeps Hillary awake at night:
1. Pink pant-suit with black blouse or black pant-suit with pink blouse?

Do you have additional things that might be leading to a sleep-deprived Hillary? Post them in the comments below.