Friday, June 24, 2005

Party of Tolerance Update

A field of six democratic candidates are looking to replace the retiring Rep. Major Owens (D) in New York's 11th District. Rep. Owens claims that the lone caucasian in the race, candidate City Councilman David Yassky, is nothing but a "colonizer" and accused him of disrespecting the legacy of the district, since the district was created to provide minority voters representation. Owens remarked on Yassky, "...he wants to be a colonizer, to make the 11th District his colony."

Owens bigotry was just getting started, he added the following gem, "What is colonization all about? Superior powers going in and taking advantage," Owens said. "Anyone who thinks they can buy this district is my enemy." Mr. Yassky replied, "I plan to run on my record and my ideas for making the Congress deliver better results for Brooklyn..."

Owens claims a district that's 60% black cannot be represented by someone who is not black, an insult to his district and to any non-black candidates alike. His comments are divisive and shows that racism is truly colorblind.

(Source - NY Daily News)