Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Nut Grows In Brooklyn

In the past, I've been critical of the lefty bias on the pages of AM-New York. But on some days it seems as if a right-leaning editor snuck in and printed away. Today's editorial page (see page 11) has a political cartoon which mocks Dean. This caught my eye, because that page usually has a cartoon that's critical of our president, the church, troops, or Republicans.

The sneaky right-leaning editor also added a "letter to the editor" to go along with the whole Dean theme. While the author, a nutjob from Brooklyn, does not blame Karl Rove for the ascension of Dean as some on the left claim, she sees Howard as a counterweight to "Karl Rove and his ilk". It put on display, the absolute nose-dive the radical left has put the Democrats in, both in text and in a cartoon. Just a group of rabid lemmings going off the cliff of irrelevancy....YEAAHHH!

They did not publish my letter, but they did a fantastic job with this one.