Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New York Stadium Shuffle

The New York Yankees have announced plans to tear down the most historic baseball park ever built, in order to build an new $800 million stadium designed to look a historic baseball park, with luxury boxes, more retail stands, and fewer seats. The new Yankee Stadium will be ready for the 2009 season. While the team will foot the bill for the new digs, the city and state will kick in $300 million to improve the area around the park.

Always looking to out-do the Mets, the new Yankee stadium will cost $200,000,000 more and receive $140,000,000 more city and state money than the proposed Olympic/Mets stadium in Queens.

In the meantime, The New Jersey Nets are moving to a new stadium in Brooklyn in 2008. This leaves the New York Jets and Giants deserted in a swamp in New Jersey. The losers in all of this are the Jets. They went from moving into a West Side Stadium in Manhattan to remaining in Giants Stadium in New Jersey in a matter of a week. They are a homeless team in the sports capital of the world.

Why not make the new Met stadium a dual-sport park with the Mets and Jets playing there, you could even call it "et stadium"? Why bother labeling the stranded football teams with "New York" anymore? Let Jersey have them because there is officially no place to put them in New York. No politician would ever risk the capital that Bloomberg spent to get a Manhattan stadium built. The Jets and Giants should now be the New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants to save confusion and to finally give Jersey something to be proud of. "Go youse guys"!