Thursday, June 16, 2005

Indian Uprising on Long Island


The Shinnecock Indians want their land back, which they claim New York stole from them in 1859. The tribe would like to place a casino on the reclaimed property, an area of the Hamptons which is now home to a university, two golf courses, and million dollar homes.

All the tribe is asking for is 3,600 acres of land, $1.7 billion, 150 years of past rent, and compensatory damages. The Shinnecock also announced that this lawsuit is only the beginning; they plan on filing another lawsuit for even more land they claim was stolen from them. Big Chief Pataki announced that no current property owner will be put in jeopardy. New York Blogger, Suitably Flip notes the corporate interest behind the "land grab".

There has been no word from the lawyers representing the Lenape Indians, who sold Manhattan to the Dutch for $24 worth of trinkets in 1624.

(Source - WABC)