Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Have We Met?

The Yankees scored 13 runs in the 8th inning last night to come back and beat Tampa Bay 20 to 11. The $200,000,000 Yankees are now 5 games back of 1st place and have won 8 of their last 10.

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Bottom 8th: NY Yankees
- R. Cano singled to center
- D. Jeter singled to right, R. Cano to third
- R. Sierra hit for T. Womack
- R. Sierra grounded out to second, R. Cano scored, D. Jeter to second
- G. Sheffield singled to left center, D. Jeter to third
- A. Rodriguez singled to left, D. Jeter scored, G. Sheffield to second
- H. Matsui doubled to deep right, G. Sheffield scored, A. Rodriguez to third
- J. Giambi intentionally walked
- R. Johnson ran for J. Giambi
- B. Williams tripled to deep center, A. Rodriguez, H. Matsui and R. Johnson scored
- J. Posada homered to deep right, B. Williams scored
- R. Cano flied out to deep center
- D. Jeter singled to second
- R. Sierra singled to right, D. Jeter to third
- G. Sheffield homered to deep left, D. Jeter and R. Sierra scored
- A. Rodriguez homered to deep right
- H. Matsui homered to deep center
- R. Johnson flied out to right
13 runs, 12 hits, 0 errors

Gothamist has great coverage of the comeback.