Monday, June 27, 2005

Bloomberg Has Friends In Low Places

Another sign of the Democratic collapse includes the lack of any strong candidate for mayor of The Big Apple. Mayor Bloomberg is currently trouncing all the democratic candidates at the polls and currently has his highest approval rating in 3 years. As if the democrats in New York needed any more bad news; there's word of a secret meeting of the top Democratic fund-raisers in the city meeting with Mayor Mike instead of the Democrats.

Word of a top-secret meeting with Bloomberg and a group of top Dem money men had the democratic mayoral hopefuls calling for Howard Dean to do something, anything. Dean's response came Friday when he released a statement that failed to mention the Bloomberg meeting but included, "After all, New Yorkers do not need a mayor who worked to reelect George W. Bush." With strong leadership like that, you can expect to see the "blue" money to start flowing "red" this election cycle.

(Source - NY Daily News)

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