Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bloomberg Extends Lead

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The Quinnipiac University Poll released today, shows that Mayor Mike has pulled to a 50 to 37 lead over Democratic front-runner Fernando "Flip-Flop" Ferrer. This lead is up from May 11th when Bloomberg lead Ferrer 47 to 38. Mayor Mike's approval rating surged to 55%; a 17% jump from his May 11th 47% rating. Anyone living in the New York area can tell why, Bloomberg has put out some great political ads, he's sparing no expense. The Gothamist notes the ad blitz.

The poll also had Bloomberg with sizable leads over all the other Democratic challengers: Virginia Fields, Gifford Miller, and Anthony Weiner.

Bloomberg - 50
Ferrer - 37

Bloomberg - 49
Fields - 34

Bloomberg - 49
Miller - 33

Bloomberg - 51
Weiner - 30

(Source - NY Daily News)