Thursday, June 09, 2005


New York has been without a fatal hit-n-run accident for almost 3 weeks. That's a nice statistic since the city is now averaging one every 8.4 days. The streak was broken last night when a 76 year old man was mowed down by a drunk-driver in the Bronx. The driver, Aristides Merino, 38 was later arrested and charged leaving the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated.
Merino could face tougher charges thanks to a law signed by Gov. Pataki last week which allows prosecutors to bring more serious charges against drunk drivers.

Date of incident, name of victim, location where hit and run occurred
1. Jan. 3: Yevgenia Kozwochinskiy; Bedford Ave. at Avenue N, Brooklyn
2. Jan. 23: Markita Weaver; Richards St. at Wolcott St., Brooklyn
3. Jan. 30: Juan Jimenez; Broadway and 230th St., the Bronx
4. Feb. 10: June Miller; E. 20th St. (at 20th St. Loop-Peter Cooper Village), Manhattan
5. Feb. 12: Frazier Coles; E. 106th St. at First Ave., Manhattan
6. Feb. 13: Police Officer Jehova Delgado and Shannay Branch; Putnam Ave. at Central Ave., Brooklyn
7. Feb. 24: Elvira Gomez; South Ave. at Brabant St., Staten Island
8. Feb. 27: Saverio Larocca; Kingsland Ave. at Beadel St., Brooklyn
9. March 4: Savita Singh, Adeeb Mannan and Anuj Agarwal; L. I. Expressway at 148th St., Queens
10. March 13: Donald Hennessy; 31st Ave. at 56th St., Queens
11. March 25: Ilya Aptekar; Cropsey Ave. at Bay Parkway, Brooklyn
12. March 28: Maria Munoz; Northern Blvd. at 157th St., Queens
13. April 7: Maria Nolan; Madison Ave. at 65th St., Manhattan
14. April 23: George Barbagiannis, 91st St. and Broadway, Manhattan
15. April 26: Charles Santiago, at 436 Milford St., Brooklyn
16. May 8: Franklin Penafiel, Cross Bronx Expressway at Jerome Ave., the Bronx
17. May 23: Carmen Lata and Alex Chimbo; Northern Blvd. at 102nd St., Queens
18. May 25: Ilya Kiselev; Fifth Ave. between 22nd and 23rd Sts., Manhattan
19. Tuesday: Efrain Valentine, W. 149th St., at Bergen Ave., the Bronx

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