Thursday, May 19, 2005

Train Wreck Alert: Dean on Meet The Press

Meet The Press - 9am EST - NBC

Sunday morning political talk shows are boring, loud, and obnoxious. I would rather watch old ladies selling magnetic turquoise bracelets on HSN than to watch that yard gnome looking Stephanopoulos drivel on like a stuck turkey.

This weekend there is reason to tune in on Sunday to Meet The Press. Howard Dean, the savior of the Democratic Party will ooze into a live national TV interview for the first time since being elected to head the DNC further into oblivion. So far, Dean has done a bang-up job. For the first quarter of 2004 Democrats raised a whopping $13 million dollars. While that's impressive, it is still 146% less than the GOP raised ($32 million).

One GOP fundraiser brings in more money than all of Dems Q1 efforts.

Take time to send a question to Meet the Press by clicking here.

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