Thursday, May 05, 2005

NYC Brit Bombing

Update: If this is just a prank, I'll wear a tin-foil cap and post the pictures on this site.

This picture from the AP shows the scene a few blocks from my office. There were two small bombs detonated in front of the British consulate in Midtown Manhattan early this morning.

There will be plenty of news coverage and analysis done on this in the next few days. My tin-hat theory is that this is could be a "test run" for a much larger act. The media is linking the explosions to the elections in the UK, but there could be something more going on and the UK elections could just be a diversion. These little bombs were not powerful enough to do any damage (minus a few windows), but their detonation set off a chain of response from the NYPD all the way up to the FBI. Any terrorist who was watching now has a blueprint or an idea how the police and feds will respond.

This morning, I came off the E train to the most impressive showing of police presence I have seen since last summer when the Citigroup building (also a few blocks away) was under lockdown following a threat. I really hope that I'm wrong about the whole "bigger act" conspiracy theory I wrote about above. Maybe I just have watched too much "24" and think that Jack Bauer is on the trail of whoever did this, most likely yelling into a cellphone and getting random backup agents killed.

Update: Where is Greenpeace? The perps attacked a sovereign plant yet the activists are silent (I guess it is too early in the morning, I will check back around noon).

Side Note: Color me paranoid, but we should also be on the alert due to the probings of hospital security in New Jersey and other parts of the country.

Update: Slate quotes me, labels me a "conservative" (I guess the shoe fits).

Breaking News: Go figure, a UN employee has been detained in connection with the UK consulate bombing. The man is a Dutch national who works as an analyst at the UN.

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