Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweak Flushed

It will be a rough week for Newsweek, the blog-mob will have their sights set on that rag for their sloppy reporting. This is just another sad case of crap-journalism.

The recent cases of the MSM being exposed for being nothing but a bunch of idiots with a press pass have got me thinking. How long has this been going on, unchecked? It has been painfully clear over the past few months that some journalists in today's media are being exposed as liars and plagiarist all too frequently.

The recent case of Newsweek laying a big turd on the world with its story of the flushing ability of a US Army standard issue toilet could have led to a worldwide war against the United States by the billion Muslims who were told that American soldiers flush their holy books down the toilets. If a US Army toilet can flush the Quran down the toilet, then why have the inmates not tried flushing themselves down as well, that's a strong toilet? Back to my main point, that false story could have led to more than a few deadly uprisings in Afghanistan. This rage could have spread to Iraq and even America itself.

Newsweek lit a fuse with a faulty match and we are lucky that they did not pull a "Rather" and try to salvage the story until it was way too late. Lets just hope that the people who have risen up in the Middle East will accept this and understand that our media makes mistakes. Too many people have been killed due to this error.