Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mayor Moby?

The NY Sun offers up some interesting thoughts on the New York mayoral race. As it currently stands, Mayor Bloomberg will win in a landslide thanks to the Democrats running a group of characters that are a better fir for the cast of The Surreal Life than a political campaign. The Sun looks to a surprise celebrity entry as the only way that Bloomy would face a serious challenge. (Moby, Joe Torre, and Russell Simmons to name a few)

Former front-runner Fernando "Flip Flop" Ferrer pandered to a Police union by called a Police shooting of an unarmed man, a non-crime. That started his free-fall which was deepened when he announced a plan to raise taxes by $1,000,000,000. The only way for Freddy to drop further would be to show up at Yankee stadium wearing a Red Sox cap. The others are polling way behind Bloomberg and look to not pose much of a hurdle for the Billionaire Mayor.

So we have a Republican mayor in a ultra-liberal city, who does not have the support of Republicans or liberal Democrats, and is running away with election. I love New York.

Mayor McCheese would not comment on his potential run for Mayor of New York.

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