Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Like Mike

The 2001 mayoral election went off as New York dug out from the destruction of September 11th. As a testament to the strength of this city, 8 weeks after the terrorist attacks New York elected Mike Bloomberg as 108th mayor of New York City.

Bloomberg was a billionaire business mogul who took over a city scarred by 9/11 and facing a fiscal nightmare, even before the attacks. From the ashes Bloomberg began to make the hard decisions that needed to be made. They were decisions which a career politician would have flinched at. Bloomberg showed that he was going to steer the city back, no matter what the polls said. His popularity rating was at the lowest, when he was working the hardest. It has been a tough 4 years and Bloomberg has brought New York back.

While the Yanks have not won a World Series while he has been in office, Bloomy still gets my endorsement for Mayor in 2005.

After the Republican Primary, I will generate a "Blogs for Bloomberg" Blogroll. If you would like your blog to be listed, post a comment or send me an email.

Mike Bloomberg for NYC
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