Monday, May 16, 2005

24 Live Blogging

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$20 says the nuke is heading toward the east coast.
Once again, we have an ex-president in control of the country. Asked if we should start evacuating, he states we should wait to see what Bauer does. Great.
Corporate sponsor plug: Dell...Cisco...Ford..Allstate

1 - Random Backup Agent
2 - Random Backup Agent
3 - Bad Guy
4 - Bad Guy
What...All of a sudden Jack cannot hit a moving SUV from 100 yards with a pistol?
No car, bad guys shooting at him, it should take Jack 5 minutes to get back to CTU (6 if he stops at Burger King.

Jack kills his girlfriend's husband, now is going to torture her brother.

No car, no problem it took Jack 8 minutes to get back to CTU after terrorists blew up one car and stole the other. Go-Go-Gadget Jet Pack!

Is Don Ashton (Speaker of the House) the only politician on this show who thinks with an actual brain? He must be a Republican.

Allstate Plug
Did anyone notice the subtle Allstate plug. When asked if President Logan had things under control, Mike responded "he is in good hands" or something to that effect. Allstate's slogan: "you are in good hands with Allstate". $25 says there is an Allstate commercial this break.

Let the torturing begin!

Kids, you do drugs and you end up strapped to a chair at CTU with your father yelling at you and Jack waiting to break.....wwwwhhhhat Heller is gay. Kids, if you are gay, come out before you end up crying in a chair at CTU and for God's sake, don't do drugs.

So some terrorist had to sleep with the Secretary of Defense's son? Why, so they could make a phone call from his phone? Confusion is setting in.

AHH AN ALLSTATE COMMERCIAL. Remember, you are in good hands....

New York might be toast, Michelle and Tony have to make out. Sweet.

Jack goes from CTU, into a helicopter, and across LA in 6 minutes.

5 - Bi-sexual Bad Guy

6 - Random Backup Agent

Summary: Missile is still in the air, Heller's gay, Tony's a hostage, Marwan escaped

Next week: Jack might have to shoot Tony, 2 hour season finale