Monday, May 23, 2005

24 Blogging

The fourth season of 24 comes to a close tonight and I will not be able to watch it! From the hours of 6pm to 9pm, I will be playing softball. Please post comments below as the show goes on and I will follow up once I finish watching the taped show.

My Final 24 Predictions

Deaths - Last week, I predicted 6 deaths and there were 6 deaths. For the final two hours, I predict 12 deaths.

Missile - Jack hacks into the flight computer of the nuke and steers it clear of the East coast and harmlessly into the Atlantic. I would've had him steer it into Fenway Park, but I don't work at Fox.

Audrey - She would be really shallow if she refuses to take Jack back. He only killed her husband and almost tortured her brother.

Jack - Saves the day (again); comes back for season 5.

Marwan - Finally gets killed by Jack.

Tony - He is so Dead, thanks to Michelle's sappy send-off. "The kiss of death" as one of my friends called it.

China - Former President Palmer calms them down with a great quote on some car insurance.

Chloe and Edgar - End up working together instead of bickering and actually get something accomplished for once. In the end, they will suppress their love for each other in order to help Jack hack into the missile and save the day. They are a perfect pair: Edgar's mom is still dead and he's fat, Chloe like killing.

Curtis - ACLU demands that Curtis be arrested for his torturing of anyone he can get his hands on. Ironically, the ACLU uses torture to get him to confess and he cries like a baby.

The NY Post has published a 24 drinking game in today's edition. Drink each time Jack says one of these:
"You're going to have to trust me"
"Who are you working for"
"We're running out of time"
"Secure the perimeter"
"I'm going in"

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