Monday, May 16, 2005

24 Blogging

Live Blogging 24 tonight

Last Monday was deemed Jack Bauer Appreciation Day to honor all that Jack does for us. For those of you (my fiancé included) who have no idea what I am talking about on my long, rambling 24 posts, here's a quick glossary of the show:

Jack Bauer - Ruthless anti-terror agent who has saved the "day" in each of the previous 3 seasons. He is a random mix of MacGyver and the A-team. Before he was a CTU agent, Jack was a vampire in the movie The Lost Boys.
CTU - Counter Terrorism Unit. A top-secret group who hires cut-throat agents and cuts corners in HR as they have hired a number of terrorist moles each season.
Torture - Typical way CTU extracts information from bad guys, good guys, innocent civilians, and fellow agents. Not at all ethical, it is also not been effective. See Also, finger-bending
Curtis Manning - Agent at CTU who does a good job backing up Jack, sucks at torture
Preident Logan - Vice president who takes over from the time Air Force One is shot down and up until ex-President Palmer shows up.
David Palmer - Former president who retired and is now doing Allstate commercials. Currently he is acting like the president and still is doing Allstate commercials on the side.
Mike Novick - Dick Cheney impersonator, also acts as Chief of Staff
Tony Almeida/Michelle Dessler/Bill Buchanan - Useless love triangle
James Heller - Secretary of Defense, was kidnapped early on in the show.
Richard Heller - Sec. Heller's son, tortured to see if he was involved in his father's kidnapping, soon to be tortured again. When not at CTU or Starbucks, James also appears on The OC
Audrey Heller Raines - Sec. Heller's daughter, wife of Paul Raines, love interest of Jack until he kills Paul
Paul Raines - British guy married to Audrey, later was "Terri Schivoed" by Jack
Habib Marwan - Typical muslim bad guy, trying to nuke America
Chloe O'Brian - Longtime nerdy/bitchy analyst at CTU, recently promoted to stone-cold killer
Finger-bending - Jack Bauer's patented technique used to extract information. To try at home simply bend your finger back so that your index finger nail touches your wrist, repeat with middle finger.
Edgar Stiles - Fat guy at CTU, collects Star Wars figures and stalks Chloe

Last week I predicted 4 deaths (1 off the show's actual total). This week, I predict that 6 deaths during this episode.

Anyone who is interested in live-blogging the show with me is welcome to do so, check back at 9pm EST and post comments as the show goes on. The past two weeks RTFR has live blogged the show with me.

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