Monday, May 02, 2005

24 Blogging

Live Blogging - (24 @ 9pm EST- FOX)

Tonight Jack dresses like a ninja and starts a war with China. I will be adding up the body count as I post during each commercial break. I predict 17 deaths on tonight's show. Tune in to see how close I come.

During the show, please post comments below if you want to add to the discussion.

Zero deaths so far. What is going on?
President Palmer is now running the country and still doing Allstate commercials. Amazing.
Looks like they edited out the dance track from Marwan's tape, that is too bad.
Chloe liked killing that dude, Edgar better say "please" and "thank you" for the rest of the day.
When attacking a Chinese consulate, why not call former president Clinton? He attacked a Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia.
No wonder so many moles get through security, the CTU agents are all too busy with these love triangles.
The Chinese consulate has less security than your local Walgreens
Assualt on the chinese consulate is over: 1 dead, 1 seriously wounded.
I am the walrus, Paul is dead....2 down, 15 to go to meet my prediction.
Just spotted a wookie (on a commercial of course)
At least the Chinese translator is hot, Jack should jump on that action.
Jack making deals with terrorists? Shouldn't he be rubbing salt in his wounds and breaking fingers to get information?
This whole hour is a waste. It looks like only 3 people are going to die, what a shame. The previews for this week made it look like non-stop shooting this episode. Instead it is like The Love Boat, but with guns and hot asian translators.
When Jack was sneaking around the Chinese consulate, it reminded me of Metal Gear...but with less killing.
Jack is now a doctor. Unhook the wanker, save the Chinaman.
What balls! Jack finds the best way to weed out the competition for his girlfriend....kill her husband.
Lame ass attempt to save your girlfriend's husband. The least you could have done was broken a sweat.
Jack better hope the Chinese guy pulls through, otherwise he is going to have a harder time getting his lady back.

(Hat tip to RTFR for joining me in blogging 24)

Summary: I was 15 deaths off the total I predicted (17). I thought they would let Chloe at a few more people, maybe even let Edgar hold a gun. Who would have thought that storming the Chinese consulate would have been easier than Paris Hilton? This was a lame episode, end of story.

Next week: "We could be at war with 1 billion chinese" - President Logan. "We could lose 10 million people" - President Palmer. Who is running this country?