Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What about James Otis Stadium?

A bipartisan group wants to name RFK Stadium in our nation's capital, "Taxation Without Representation Field at RFK Stadium". The group would like to fill the corporate sponsorship void at the stadium and have petitioned the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, stating that they initially raised $51.08 but have a goal of $50,000 in return for the naming rights (they are now at $20,800).

Click Here for the group's website

The group wants to call to people's attention that the citizens of DC have no congressional or Senate seat, therefore "no representation". Which begs me to ask, what was Senator Jesse Jackson doing from 1991-1996? I guess you can call that a "demonstration of representation". Washington DC can do better.

As far as I know, the newly approved West Side Stadium in New York has not been named. Let me be the first to propose "Too Much Taxation Stadium". Does anyone have any other ideas?

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