Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Something In the Water

Is that for medicinal use?

There must be something in the water over at CBS. First Dan Rather and several of the producers are sent off for the infamous Memogate report. Now Rather's 60 Minutes partner, Andy Rooney seems to have a problem with the truth.

Andy Rooney began his testimony Monday by questioning the wording of the oath to tell the truth
-ABC News

Rooney had a problem with the wording of the oath that states: "nothing but the truth, so help you God." The senile newshound stated: "I don't know about God".

He was called in to testify against a promoter who failed to pay Rooney $20,000 for a speaking arraignment. When he was not paid, Rooney took a camera crew to the promoter's house for a 60 Minute's piece. I think the real story is that Indiana State paid $30,000 to have Rooney speak in 2003, there has to be better ways to spend the student's fees.

In the speech at Indiana State, he questioned the use of embedded reporters. He stated that reporters should be allowed to roam and talk to anyone they want. He stated ‘‘What about just letting the reporters go where they want to?’’ It seems as if one CBS reporter did just that and ended up shot and arrested for aiding the insurgents. Plus it seems that if reporters were allowed to wonder around Iraq without the protection of the US military, many would end up minus a head on Al Jazeera.