Friday, April 22, 2005

The New Pope

(see anything wrong with this picture? Post a comment if you do)

Not long after I was confirmed into the Catholic faith, John Paul II dies. The pageantry and tradition that followed was amazing in the eyes of this young Catholic neophyte. It was also pleasing to see the church being portrayed in a positive light for once in the media. Alas, the brief honeymoon with the media ended when Sir Elton John was not selected as the new leader of the church; instead it was one of those hated "conservatives". Alas the selection of this pope dashed the hope of some that the new pope would come out in sequined robes, usher in lesbian priests, and end with a loud "Fo Shizzle", in latin "Shizzlis Fozzi", and italian "pe Shizzi".

The white smoke had yet to clear and the negative media spin machine (starved of church bashing for weeks) eagerly went out to interview any person they could find who was unhappy with the new pope. I cannot stand reading articles like this written by people who want the church to throw away 2,000 years of tradition and bring in a "hip" pope. The church was not setup to mimic the latest trends in society, nor should it ever try to embellish the wants and desires of the latest fad in order to please a minority. People put their faith into their religion because the church itself is a rock to depend on. Trends have no such foundation and will eventually pass into the dustbin of time.

I live with my fiancé (in sin), the Catholic church is still there for me and will always be there. The first church, founded by St. Peter, was built on a rock and will remain there no matter what time throws its way. If you have a problem with it, email the new pope:

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