Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Malkin Dons The Tin Hat

Michelle Malkin's latest column dives into the mind of Theresa Heinz-Kerry. It seems as if those evil Republicans stole the last election.
According to Ms. Kerry:

  • Two brothers were responsible for 80% of the voting machines and they are....."hard-right" republicans. So they hacked the vote from the machines (and made it close enough that Kerry got the most votes by a loser in US history)
  • Heinz bashes the Catholic Church for having the nerve to hold true to their faith and not support her husband from the pulpit.
  • She stated that people in West Virginia said Kerry was going to burn bibles.
"We have to develop a discipline for this party, so the people of this country know more clearly what it is to be a Democrat," - Theresa Heinz-Kerry
Five things needed to be a THK Democrat
1) Tin foil cap
2) Catchy slogan (must rhyme)
3) Acknowledgment of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
4) Ignore Hillary's move to the right
5) Fox Blocker