Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jack Bauer's Backup: Voted Worst Job at CTU

Here is some free advice for any upcoming actor out there. If your agent lands a role for you on the show 24, as Jack Bauer's "backup", it will probably not turn out to be your big break. Your scene will last 5-10 minutes, Jack will leave you alone and then you will then get killed (shot, stabbed, or blown up). Jack will then pick up a cell phone and start yelling into the phone.

Not since Quantum Leap has there been such a lackluster acting gig, back then it was the reflection in a mirror or window of whomever Scott Bkaula's character time-leaped into that episode. Before that it was the random red-shirted Ensign who would beam down for a one-way trip with the Star Trek regulars.

One last thought. Would any 24 fans tell me what kind of phone they are using? Those phones must have a nuclear battery or something, because they are talking on the phones for 30 minutes each hour-long episode. My phone goes dead if I get a voicemail and do not check withing 15 minutes.

"I will need some random backup agent from the hours of 11:00 and 12:00"