Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jack Bauer's Backup: Part 2

I noted last week that being assigned backup to Jack Bauer on the show 24, is the worst job at CTU. Trained agents should smart enough to realize that whoever goes out with Jack, never gets to share the glory with Jack...they just end up dead. Last week's "random backup agent" was given 5 minutes of speaking roles before being stabbed in the neck. Jack then picked up his cellphone (which has a nuclear battery that never needs charging) and yelled.

This week, Jack was sent in (via helicopter) to recover the nuclear codes that were found in the wreckage of Air Force One, which was shot down by a stolen F-117 Stealth Fighter, which was piloted by an ex-Air Force pilot who chopped off the finger of another pilot to gain access to the plane. Jack was sent in with one backup agent. I knew what was coming up after the commercial break. But first, would it not have made sense to send in more than 2 people? Afterall, they were not going after just any armored briefcase with critical nuclear codes for the world's lone super power.

The "random backup agent" and Jack stormed the enemy position, but the backup agent failed to notice the open window he was standing in front of and a burst of bullets ended his role on the show, he did not have time to have a speaking role. After yelling into his nuclear powered cellphone, Jack managed to save the day (or hour) once again....with the thanks of that helicopter which brought the now-dead agent and Jack into the area. See the helicopter has guns mounted on it, which would have come in handy five minutes earlier (or between the minutes of 11:45 to 11:50 in 24 lingo).

Next week we will probably see more senseless killing of random backup agents. I have had enough and have now started a program for these poor guys, SKRAB.