Friday, April 15, 2005

Generation Duuhh - Part 5

When an SAT prep test asks the students to write an essay, you never know what view or thought you are going to get, sometimes I think the kids don't know either. The following is an essay from a student who was asked about censorship. Somehow Vietnam and movies about the war framed the youngster's argument that: Vietnam wasn't all that bad, censorship on Vietnam war movies is ok but censorship on Not Another Teen Movie sucks.

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Summary: Vietnam was not that bad because the student watched it on TV. Also, the censors did not affect the quality of TV coverage of the war or the Vietnam movies. It is obvious, they did not watch the stinker, Casualties of War with Sean Penn and Michael J. Fox. Other

Vietnam movies that did not suck: Platoon, Hamburger Hill, The Green Berets, Apocalypse Now

Summary: Another Teen Movie was hard to watch; not because it sucked, but because of censorship.

Other movies that sucked: The Big Hit, Iron Eagle II, Weekend at Bernies II, and the worst movie of all time, Millennium
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