Friday, April 08, 2005

Feed The Children

There are probably starving kids in Indiana and leftist nutjobs are tossing pies and salad dressing. Recently Ann Coulter, William Kristol, and now David Horowitz (above) have been assaulted by pies; Pat Buchanan was hit with salad dressing. In the same time period zero right-leaning activists have wasted food in such a manner.

Would the left be outraged if it were midgets they were tossing at conservative speakers instead?

Pat Buchanan - Salad Dressing
William Kristol - Ice Cream Pie
Ann Coulter - Pie
David Horowitz - Chocolate Cream Pie
Who is working security at these events? In the future, if you see a college student at an event with a pie, odds are they did not win it in a raffle. As for the leftist First Amendment-suppressers; get a diabetes test or your sugar tooth under control. In the future I expect to see granola bars and tofu being tossed. There are way too many carbs in pie.

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