Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cast The First Stone

The Democrats are trying to make you believe they have suddenly found religion by quoting scripture. They overlooked one Biblical message, it goes something like this: Jesus came across a group of people about to stone a "sinner" to death. He intervened and asked the crowd "let the one who is free of sin cast the first stone". Well in their feverish rush to lay accusations and point fingers at Tom Delay and his much reported travels, they forgot when you point a finger at someone else, there are three more pointed back at you. As Ward Churchill would say, the chickens are coming home to roost.

10 out of the top 10 most traveled pols were Democrats

Our favorite whipping boy, Congressman Maurice "Rovebot" Hinchey (D-Hurley) has put in 102 days of work for the taxpayers of New York as a representative to Congress this year. But for 140 days since January 1, 2000, he has been on the dime of those evil special interest groups. Representative Hinchey's bill topped $161,393 covering 25 trip to such places as Rome and Morocco (and to some extent, the moon). While Delay is taking the heat, his total is $94,568 during the same time frame ($66,825 less than Hinchey). This ranks Maurice as the 5th highest spender of any federal lawmaker. You can see a list of all Maurice's trips here.

Hypocrisy Update: While Delay is being ripped on his travels, a Hinchey spokesperson stated that his excessive trips were "an important part of his job". (NY Post)

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