Friday, April 01, 2005

Blog War II

Update: BW2 is over already. Damn, the guys moved to this site. The war lasted from 9pm Thursday night and ended at 11:29am Friday morning. France took longer to fall.

The Basil Revolution beat out Sortapundit in The Great Blog War of March. With his abdication, Sorta has himself joined Basil's Blog Warriors. Now comes word of the next great Blog War!

Just as we signed the papers, a new threat has arisen...Sortapundit. Not the original crumpet muncher, but one from blogspot. Someone is squatting on one of our allies, and that don't fly around the Basil HQ. The original Sortapundit took it in stride:

I'm not quite sure what to do about this one? Is the name Sortapundit my intellectual property? Am I covered by copyright laws? I've been using it for over a year now, so surely I've got some sort of claim on it.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave it for the time being, and hope this guy just gives up after a few weeks. If he gets an Instalanche before me, though, there's gonna be blood.

Not one to leave things alone; Basil is preparing for war against Sortapundit. With Sortapundit at our side, we will defeat the carpet munchers at the other Sortapundit. I have fired off a salvo with a comment on their site:
Hey guys, I think is still open.

Stay Tuned for more from Sortapundit 2.

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