Monday, April 25, 2005

24 Blogging

"I want Jack Bauer arrested!"
- President Logan

Does President Logan (the Nixon look-a-like) know whom he is dealing with? I hope the Secret Service has 126 Ninjas standing by to take down Jack. Even with num-chucks and throwing stars, they may not be any use against Bauer.

Why is former President Palmer still doing Allstate commercials? America needs him now.

It figures; the arab terrorist who is arming the nuke went to Berkley. I love Fox! Two weeks in a row they highlight the danger of when liberals go unchecked.

When America views the tape the Marwan made, I wonder if they will think: 1) Damn I never got to visit Philly before it was nuked or 2) That's a kicking Oakenfold dance mix in the background, I wish that terrorist would shut up.

Marwan made the mistake all classic bad guys make, never broadcast your intentions to the good guys while you have them hostage....or make a video tape of your plans and then let the guy holding the tape get in the way of Jack Bauer's bullets. On a side note, I guess video tapes are not bulletproof.

Former President Palmer: "Was Airforce One covered by Allstate?"

Secretary of State (the Cheney look-a-like) says to Palmer, "America could face its biggest terrorist threat yet". Do you think a better statement would have been: "America could face its biggest terrorist threat...since, you left office"? Should they have called the president in office prior to Palmer? Palmer seems to attract disasters like stink on shit, that's why he is now pimping Allstate insurance.

President Logan flip-flops and releases Bauer, this guy is worse than John Kerry. Well, probably not.

They are sending Chole out in the field? Are they freaking nuts, oh yea she is going to shoot someone. I guess Edgar could not get his fat-ass up in the CTU Ford Explorers.

An arab-looking guy named Samir located somewhere in Iowa. That pretty much narrows it down to one guy. He also breaks bad-guy rule #7: don't piss off your nosey girlfriend (who has a Computer Science degree).

HOLY SHIT Chole ended up shooting someone!

Lessons learned: Video tape - not bulletproof, Wirlpool washer/dryer combo - bulletproof

Next week: Jack dresses like a ninja and storms the Chinese embassy...possibly starts a war. Hell no, I don't make this stuff up.