Monday, March 07, 2005

WWBD Contest

What Would Billy Do Contest

Who is billy? Billy posted some comments on this post that alarmed Sobek as a possible death threat. While billy is guilty of poor grammar and horribly flawed logic, I don't think he is a danger to me or any Republicans living near him in Fullerton, California. For now, I will call off the mafia hit and let the blogmob have at him.
Contest Rules
1) Below are some comments posted by "billy" on my site and at Jawa
2) Take the comments and put them into another context (see below for a sample)
3) Use any format (comments/photoshop/audio) - email me photoshop/audio entries

"the gop are the terrorists and the "enemy" as howard dean has said."

"you are a problem that will soon be eliminated. i promise you that."

"there is nothing more un-american than essentially calling the 60 million americans who are against war and killing terrorists."

"there is nothing more unamerican than supporting a nazi like george bush

- The Man

Billy's ideological soul mate Joseph Stalin addresses a group of Jews.

- Sobek

- The Man

- Gary

- The Man