Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Throw The Bums Out

A homeless man, who pocketed $115,000 of a $230,000 lawsuit in 1991 against a Morris Township (NJ) library, is now suing New Jersey Transit for $5,000,000 claiming they infringed on his civil rights. The fact is, the money from the first suit is gone and Richard Kreimer is looking for his next big legal payday, this time representing himself in court.
Mr. Kreimer was thrown out of the Morris library five times after his body odor and appearance disturbed book-seeking patrons. A federal judge ruled the library's actions were unconstitutional. That ruling was later overturned, but Kreimer had already been paid.
The current suit is against New Jersey Transit, the city of Summit, nine police officers, and others on the grounds that Kreimer was unlawfully thrown out of train stations. The suit asks a federal judge to determine if the train stations are public or private property and the rights of people who are not there to ride a train. A ruling that could affect anyone who pays good money to ride the train or wants to live in a train station for free.
A friend of mine is a New Jersey Transit cop; they spend a good deal of time dealing with the homeless. Many are not a threat, but a few can snap and assault officers or legitimate customers of NJ Transit. They need to be moved so that the train stations (and libraries) do not become a homeless shelter, driving paying customers away or putting them in harm. Bravo to the transit cops, they have a hard job and perform it well.
(Source - AP)