Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Show Me Explosives

Authorities in St. Louis spent five hours inspecting boxes removed from a truck which were suspecting of containing explosives in boxes labeled "blasting caps" and "detonators" . Trained police dogs confirmed that explosives might be present. A relative of the truck driver had contacted the police, letting them know where the truck would be and warned that it might contain explosives.

After evacuating around 100 people, police robots were used to remove the boxes...which turned out to be empty. Now the story takes a strange turn, the trucker had been detained at a courthouse on Monday.

Authorities said that late Monday afternoon, the man tried to go through security at the St. Charles County Courthouse with a bulge in the back of his T-shirt. At first, deputies thought he could be wearing a bulletproof vest, said Capt. David Todd of the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department. Deputies let him in after finding what appeared to be a cape...
Could we have a rogue superhero helping the terrorists? The presence of explosives turned out to be empty boxes (possibly rendered invisible by some superpower), and the owner of the truck was wearing a cape. This also comes on the heels of Aquaman being hauled in for steroid abuse.

(Source - Stl Today)