Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pull Out of Philly Now!

There have been 21 homicides in Philadelphia in the past 8 days, which makes the city more dangerous than all of Iraq during the same time frame. The mayor has even looked into calling in the National Guard.

Therefore we must ask the administration to pull out of Philadelphia, now! What will a prolonged presence in Philly get us besides a lackluster baseball team? No more blood for cheesesteaks!

Ridiculous Headline Award
(Reuters) - Philadelphia Mayor Urges Gun Crackdown After Deaths
You know because people don't kill people, guns do. The same mentality will soon have the mayor cracking down on Twinkies due to obesity-related deaths. They mayor also stated: "These are not hunters. People should not be authorized to carry weapons on the streets of Philadelphia unless they have a good reason to do so,". How about carrying weapons for self-defense because you live in a dangerous city with an incompetent mayor?

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