Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Newsday Letters To The Editor - Part 9

While Newsday is Long Island's liberal rag, they produce a free newspaper called amNew York, who like Newsday, never lets the news get in the way of their bias. Two letters to the editor in today's paper caught my eye and inspired me to drop my weekly Newsday bash, in favor of the freebie.

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Yes to Rudy
Mayor Rudy did a great job in cleaning up New York, making it safe again and helped restore pride in The Big Apple. Then came 9/11, where he pulled the city out of the ashes and was an inspiration to a shaken city and nation. 2006 will bring us either Governor Rudy or Senator Rudy; Hillary will be sent home to bake cookies for Bill. In 2000, Rudy would have beat Hill in the Senate race; if it were not for a little cancer and some infidelity (insert your own Clinton joke here).

If You Can't Beat'em...
The second letter would have had me laughing out loud, if it were not for the smelly homeless guy on the E train that had me covering my nose and mouth to keep from gagging.
What do you do if your party moves too far left and loses consecutive presidential elections and deepens their hole in both the Senate and House? Convince the other side to do the same thing of course!
This article could have been written a few years back about another President who usurped the courts (contrary to their base), like Bill Clinton sending Elian Gonzalez back to Castro against a court order. See if the libs would rethink their support for President Clinton and back more radical left-wingers.