Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Newsday Letters To The Editor - Part 8

The New York Daily News recently got into hot water after a misprint lead thousands of people to believe that they had just won big money, some up to $100,000. This same feeling happens to the poor people who mistakenly throw down $.50 for Newsday, thinking they just bought a newspaper. Their bias is blatent and the circulation for the rag is falling faster than J-Lo's movie career.

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Red - for the most absurd levels of conspiracy theorem
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Don't put politics in sports section
Can't you please leave your political bias out of the sports page? ["Daily rant," Sports, March 12]. That's the only section I read, and I don't need to read daily rants knocking President George W. Bush. You have enough others doing it in your columns and editorials. Give us a break.
Joseph Tufaro - Hauppauge

The president's blind supporters
I was not exactly surprised to read the letter requesting that political rants against President George W. Bush be kept out of the sports section, which the letter writer claims is the only section that he actually reads ["Don't put politics in sports section," Letters, March 17].
I guess this proves that the only way that Bush supporters manage to maintain their blind loyalty to this bumbling president is to avoid reading the news altogether.
Richard Schloss - East Northport
(See Also - Newsday Circ Drop Continues)

Bush backs off of apocalypse
James Watt, secretary of the Interior in President Ronald Reagan's cabinet, was very much a believer in the prophecy of "end times." Questioned about the policy of cutting down trees in the national forests, he replied that it does not matter because Jesus is coming soon.
President George W. Bush has acted in the same fashion, and his complete disregard for the environment is further proof that he too believes "end times" are just around the corner. But since his re-election, all this "apocalypse is upon us" kind of thinking seems to be changing.
All of a sudden, he is solemnly talking about the future - the long-term future of the Social Security funds. I wonder what brought about this change and who told him that the "end of life" scenario has been postponed. Will we know the answer or, because of national security, will it be sealed?
G.M. Chandu - Flushing

More coverage of DeLay probe
As a longtime subscriber, I am disturbed by the way in which Newsday has covered or, more appropriately, failed to cover, the current ethical questions being raised regarding the behavior of Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas).
I used to rely on Newsday to present reporting of important issues. What could be more important than the moral and ethical abuses that seem to emanate from this man like a black cloud?
Caroline Quinn - Ronkonkoma
(Someone is accusing Newsday of shilling for the right?)

Fishing industry pollutes and kills
Thank you for the article about mercury levels in fish ["Study finds mercury levels in N.J. tuna exceed FDA estimates," Newsday.com, March 9]. I think it is time for people to become aware of what is behind the curtains in the fishing industry... For those concerned about our Earth and our future, the best solution is to exclude fish from the menu and adopt a healthy vegan diet.
Tanya Gleaned - Highland Park, N.J.
(Got Tofu?)

Wanted: strong, silent type
We all remember the time when the strong (men and nations) showed their strength by remaining quiet and silent and the weak compensated by acting rude and belligerent.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hopes that John Bolton's appointment to the United Nations will work in the same way, and that his strong and rude (undiplomatic) personality will somehow compensate for our country's diminishing strength and stature in front of the world body.This appointment does not reflect our strength, and there is always the danger that members of the UN will conclude that this is a desperate attempt by the United States to regain its lost influence. Bolton is not capable of "winning friends and influencing people." Wrong person for the wrong job at the wrong time.
Austine Molline - Jamaica
(The UN's silence filled the graves of millions in Rwands, Sudan, Congo, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on. The US lost influence? Why is the UN making sweeping reforms... to stop its massive fraud and loss of influence in the world)