Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Newsday Letters To The Editor - Part 7

Last week's installment of Newsday Letters to the Editor sparked the first ever "letter to the blogger". Where a person wrote to Newsday, had their letter published, then googled their own name to find it listed here. It is truly where blogs and MSM meet on the other side. Carl, I would call you self-centered for googling yourself, but everyone does it. You can see the exchange that started it all here. I was arguing the merits of a cartoon duck while being accused of supporting homosexual prostitution, while not a fun as having my first death threat, it still provided for a few laughs.

Newsday Letters To The Editor Conspiracy-meter
Green- low levels of conspiracy theorem
Yellow - for the mid-level conspiracy theories
Orange - represents the next level
Red - for the most absurd levels of conspiracy theorem

(The red entries also get awarded an official Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie)

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Good riddance to Rather
Dan Rather will leave a legacy of bias and a contrived unpleasant personality - a man who nearly destroyed his news division. Rather will say goodbye tonight, but who will care? Even his colleagues turned on him.
It's a question of chickens coming home to roost. CBS' problem was that it left Rather as a loose cannon when he should have been closely watched and not allowed to insult and disrespect three presidents and get away with it. For years he infuriated middle America with his liberal slantof the news. It comes down to Rather hurting his news division, and he should have been
fired long ago.

Anthony Lembo - Mastic Beach
(See, Newsday lets a few republican views slip through)

'Mallard' shows liberals are fools
I really enjoy Mallard Fillmore. Bruce Tinsley sees the absurdity of the liberal point of view in a way liberals can never see for themselves and why they appear so foolish and out of touch with the great middle class.
I suppose it's one of those values things. And those who don't get it never will.
Patrick Grant - Brooklyn
(Are these actually Letters to the NY Post?)

Stop gripingand seek office
"Budget cuts betray America" [Letters, March 7]states that "we [Americans] are fat, lazy, self-righteous and greedy." The writer continues to blast President George W. Bush for a variety of ills that affect out country and says we are to blame. Fair enough, but while I can stand to lose a few
pounds, I most certainly am not lazy, self-righteous and greedy. I can say the same for many friends and associates.

Sadly, the most recent election did not offer much choice. While I voted for the president, it was the lesser of two evils for me. I'm sure many who voted for John Kerry felt that he was their lesser of two evils. Since the writer seems to have a lot of complaints, perhaps she should get her hands dirty, run for elected office and try to make things better.
Mike Miello - St. James
(Newsday's editors must have taken the week off)

ACLU: terror's handmaiden
I just don't get it. The American Civil Liberties Union says that terrorists are entitled to rights under the Geneva Convention. It opposes the Patriot Act, the no-fly list and doesn't want the feds to give information about illegal aliens living in our neighborhoods to local law enforcement.
It defends terrorists like Mohammed Atta who caused 9/11 and others like him so they will not be mistreated by our government. I haven't seen anything
the ACLU has done to help stop terrorists. All it does is help them by complaining about America with its liberal garbage, instead of defending it. The terrorists really have a friend in the ACLU.
Richard Shaw - Forest Hills
(Someone call 9-1-1, Newsday has been taken over by the Mallard Fillmore-wing of the Republican party)

Bush kids us about the young
Hearing President George W. Bush and his pocketful of Republican "reformers" talk so much about how they care about the future of our children makes me laugh (cry) in regard to Social Security reform.
Bush refuses to care about the air our children are breathing and the condition of the planet we will be leaving to them. (I imagine Bush thinks global warming is just a big glove the planet puts on in the winter.) But as long as our children have their own "personal Social Security accounts," all will be fine. (They can spend their retirement money on purified oxygen and water).
Susan Scharf - Flushing
(Whew, I was getting nervous)

The bad news is overwhelming
The bad news is coming so fast that I can't write about it all. Do I write about the Italian journalist being shot? Or the CIA shipping people overseas to be tortured? Or the price of gas going up to record highs? Or that President George W. Bush appointed John Bolton, a man who hates the United Nations, to head the U.S. delegation at the United Nations? Or the destruction of Social Security? Or the continuing problems like the federal deficit, going deeper and deeper and deeper into debt. The tax cuts for the rich, the war in Iraq, the coming war in Iran - there's just no end to the bad news.
If Bush actually was elected - which I don't believe he was - America made a really bad choice.
Marc Perkel - San Francisco, Calif.
(Newsday redeemed itself, they actually printed this letter twice this week
here and here)