Monday, March 21, 2005

Google Search Caption Contest

How Did I Get Here Caption Contest
Google searches can drive visitors to your site or even cause a blog war. This site has had it's share of Google-moments including a Letter to the Editor, Jack Bauer, political slogans, and I am # 2 on Yahoo for mario vasquez nude.

1) What did I search for to end up at The Daily Kos?
2) Post a comment or email me a photoshop
3) Top entries will be posted on Thursday


-The Man

Pluto's Dad from Eyes on the Ball took the contest a step further and actually did some real searches to land on Kos. Here are two he submitted (click the picture for a larger view).
"Condi catwoman eat out spayed cheney"

"Kill all Republicans"

So I did one of my own:
"Daily Kos readers have no pubic hair"

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