Monday, March 28, 2005

Give Me A Foxing Break

Media Hail Failed Business
Sam Kimery is the genius behind Fox Blocker, a device that blocks FoxNews from a TV set. Sam has been selling these devices since August, to much fanfare, but very little sales. Alas, the media have found their new darling and the AP wrote a fluff piece for him. At $8.95, Sam has only sold 100* of the devices. From a business viewpoint, that's only 10 units or $90 a month, while that may be good sales for a Jennifer Lopez movie, it's surely not newsworthy figures.

On a side note, FoxNews averages 1,620,000 viewers during its daily primetime lineup. If all of Sam's customers used to watch FoxNews (which is not likely), the impact would bring Fox's numbers down to an average of 1,619,900 viewers during primetime (a 0.006% decrease) which is still more than double of CNN's figure of 805,000 primetime viewers.

America, we have an obesity problem! Get up off your lazy butt and change the channel if you cannot stand FoxNews. Instead of wasting your money on this device, go to Radio Shack they have a 3-in-1 Remote Control for $7.99, use the $0.96 you save to send to a starving child and enjoy the exercise.

*Yahoo News reports 100 were sold, LJWorld publishes the same AP article and lists 1,000 units sold.

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